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Analyzing the data

Industrial Marketing in the Forest Sector

Oregon State University: WSE 455/555 (4 credits)
Marketing and innovation rely heavily on effective communication, so this course concentrates on written and oral communication. The course will arm the students with the skills necessary to apply basic concepts of marketing and innovation in the renewable materials industries.  Application will be highlighted through examples and industry speakers relating coursework to the day-to-day work in renewable materials business.
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Guest Speaker: Women and Natural Resources

Oregon State University: WGSS 440 Honor (3 credits)
Explores the relationship between women and natural resources. It does so through a sustained inquiry into the “nature of nature,” and how diverse epistemologies and worldviews challenge a single understanding of “natural resources.” At the same time, our course demonstrates that any analysis of “women and natural resources” must address gender more broadly in conversation with race, sexuality, nationality, and class. Anchored by three acclaimed works of nonfiction and memoir by internationally regarded scientists (in forest biology; geobiology & chemistry; biology) this course asks us to think in complex, comparative ways about gender, race, place, community, power, extractive industries, economics, and ethics.

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