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Pipiet is an interdisciplinary scholar and social scientist researching sustainable business management and forest sector competitiveness. She has published in top forestry journals such as Canadian Journal of Forest Research, Journal of Forestry, and Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research. Her current research includes engineered wood industry development, public perceptions of wooden multi-storey buildings, forest based circular bioeconomy, and gender dynamics in the forest industry and faculties of forestry. She holds a PhD in Wood Science and a Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching from Oregon State University, USA, a Master in Forestry Science from University of Canterbury, New Zealand, and a Bachelor in Forestry from Bogor Agricultural/IPB University, Indonesia. She is also a copy editor at the Journal of Tropical Forest Management and Digital Communication Coordinator for Society of Wood Science and Technology (SWST).

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My Publication List

Refereed journal articles

  1. Larasatie, P., T. Barnett and E. Hansen. 2020.  Leading with the heart and/or the head? Experiences of women student leaders in top world forestry universities. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 35(8): 588-599. doi:10.1080/02827581.2020.1825787

  2. Larasatie, P., T. Barnett and E. Hansen. 2020. The “Catch-22” of representation of women in the forest sector: The perspective of student leaders in top global forestry universities. Forests 11(4): 419. doi:10.3390/f11040419

  3. Larasatie, P. and S. Setiowati. 2019. From Fingerprint to Footprint: Using Point of Interest (POI) recommendation system in marketing applications. The Asian Journal of Technology Management 12(2): 118-131.

  4. Larasatie, P., G. Baublyte, K. Conroy, E. Hansen and A. Toppinen. 2019. “From nude calendars to tractor calendars”: The perspectives of female executives on gender aspects in the North American and Nordic forest industries. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 48(8): 915-924.

  5. Larasatie, P., J. Guerrero, K. Conroy, T. Hall, E. Hansen and M. Needham. 2018. What does the public believe about Tall Wood Buildings? An exploratory study in the US Pacific Northwest. Journal of Forestry 116(5), 429-436.

  6. Larasatie, P. 2018. Indonesian furniture producers: Change makers or change takers? BioProducts Business 3(4), 39-50.

Conference papers

  1. Larasatie, P., R.R. Albee, L. Muszyński, J. Guerrero and E. Hansen. 2020. Global CLT industry survey: The 2020 updates. Paper accepted at the 2020/2021 World Conference on Timber Engineering, Santiago, Chile (The 2020 conference postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic).

  2. Muszyński, L., P. Larasatie, J. Guerrero, R.R. Albee and E. Hansen. 2020. Global CLT industry in 2020: Growth beyond the Alpine Region. Paper presented at the 2020 Society of Wood Science and Technology International Convention (Convention held virtually due to COVID-19 pandemic).

  3. Larasatie, P., J. Guerrero, T. Hall and E. Hansen. 2018. What does the US Pacific Northwest public believe about Tall Wood Buildings? Paper presented at the 2018 World Conference on Timber Engineering, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

  4. Albee, R. R., L. Muszyński, E. Hansen, C. Knowles, P. Larasatie and J. Guerrero. 2018. Recent developments in global Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) Market. Paper presented at the 2018 World Conference on Timber Engineering, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Another publication

  1. Larasatie, P. 2021. Women in Forest Sector Leadership: A Qualitative, Multi-country Study. Doctoral Dissertation. Oregon State University.

  2. Larasatie, P., T. Hopkins and L. Redmore. 2021. A grass root gender equality initiative: The WOWnet in Oregon, US. For: International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) Task Force Gender Equality in Forestry.

  3. Owuor, J.A., L. Giessen, L. Prior, D. Cilio, P. Poschen, T. Bal, A. Bernasconi, J. Burns, X. Chen, A. Goldsmith, Z. Jiacheng, M. Kallioniemi, E. Kastenholz, P. Larasatie, A. Lehikoinen, S. Lewark, E. Montero, F. Oberholzer, T. Sharik, J. Schwärzli, C. Viana, G. Winkel and E. Yovi. 2021. Trends in forest-related employment and education - insights from seven key countries around the globe. In: Knowledge to Action (K2A), Publication Series by the European Forest Institute (EFI).

Work in progress

  1. Larasatie, P., T. Barnett and E. Hansen. 2021. Mentoring and networking as the “Silver Lining” of being women leaders in forest sector: an exploratory study in top world forestry universities. Manuscript is under review.

  2. Brown, K., S. Bender, A. Lambert, S. Boutelier, T. Farwell, A. Martinez-Suarez and P. Larasatie. 2021. A feminist-informed autoethnography: sixteen cross-discipline, globally located academic women explore gendered experiences of scholarly productivity in higher education during COVID-19. Manuscript is under review.

  3. Fitriastuti, T., P. Larasatie and A. Vanderstraeten. 2021. Please like me: The ingratiation effect on the perception of organizational politics. Manuscript is under review.

  4. Lambert, A., P. Larasatie, S. Boutelier, H. Guta, I. Leonowicz-Bukała, A. Martinez-Suarez and S. Prashad. 2021. A Qualitative Analysis of Global Experiences and Perceptions of Research Productivity during the Pandemic among Women in Academia. Manuscript is under review.

  5. Larasatie, P., E. Jones and E. Hansen. 2021. A systematic review of global forestry higher education: Where are we heading? Manuscript is under review.

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Me on CoF Biennial Report 2017 and 2018.

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